Replay: Blame the Non-existing Dishwasher

With settling into our place and an unknown internet situation I decided to do a replay of some old posts.

I hope you enjoy them and should be back to normal blogging soon!

Blame the Non-Existing Dishwasher

Original post date: June 14, 2011

Monday the movers came to pack up all the stuff we are shipping via cargo ship to Sweden. They were moving along at a pretty steady pace as I sat on my tush and watched.

Then all of a sudden I hear the guy say “Ummmmmm so do you want to wash this first?”

Completely confused on what he was talking about I walked over and he handed me our Le Crueset French Oven. I lift the lid and see an ecosystem growing in it.

As you know the pot weighs 5 lbs and cost a pretty penny so I had to brace myself to not just drop it and run. I was also you know a little embarrased at the fact that we clearly suck at housekeeping and just tried to ship what could have been a germ bomb.

So word to the wise when you pack check under the pan and pot lids!!

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