Packing Tips, Warnings and Where in the Heck is the Phone Charger

When we came to Sweden we moved the easy way. Movers came to our apartment in June and packed up the stuff and two months later the pallet above was delivered to us in Sweden.

This time we are doing it the semi easy way of we pack it up in Angelholm then the movers come and deliver it to us four days later in Sundsvall.

With all this moving I have found a few tricks and a few what the heck was I thinking things!

Moving clothes is easy, just put them in your suitcases and presto chango you have them in an easy to move device and they fit since that is what suitcases are made for!

Our knife block we wrapped in layers of packing paper and taped up securely with all the knives in place. Our steak knives were loose and I was contemplating what to do with them when I had a hopeful idea. What if they fit into the Pringles can?

I mean we were lucky to have some Pringles since they had been on special this week but now we have a safe and secure way to pack our steak knives! And if you are curious they were Cheese and Onion flavor Pringles which I highly recommend!

Now for a total bonehead thing I did!

I was sitting on the couch reading while Mr. H asked me questions about what to pack, I was only like half listening so I just kept saying yes to what he asked. Well my blow dryer was in its box already because I did not want it to be used for something else and now it is packed in a sealed box! Which really in summer would not be a big deal except I just cut my bangs and to lay flat they need to be blow dried!  Luckily I did not pack my hair clips because I have been needing to use a ton to keep my bangs back!

Lastly when packing put your phone chargers like in your purse because I have no idea where ours are right now!

Any packing mishaps or tips you have?

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3 thoughts on “Packing Tips, Warnings and Where in the Heck is the Phone Charger

  1. Well the packing stories are way too many LOL…..I have no system I just jump in there , if I am going to store suff for a long time I mark and pack toough, but if I am just hopping I throw stuff in a box and hope for the best hahahah. I have some great stories I have been in storage for a few years…. and I would visit my stuff like an old friend…When unpacking I wonder why in the hell I packed that LOL!!!! and sometimes I say OMG I forgot I had that !!!! life is funny for sure…good lluck sweetheart…..G.AUNT Charlene

  2. Ugh packing makes me want to dry heave. I hate that and will not be moving ever again, hope the owner of this house is ok with that :) The pringles can was GENIUS!

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