Sweden’s Great White North

In two short weeks, especially short since I have not started packing, we will be on a train to Sundsvall!

Wait, what you have never heard of Sundsvall??

It is ok because I am moving there I know basically nothing but that is why we are calling it an expedition!

We are really excited about it but I can understand why some people think it is crazy since it is far far far far north. From where we are currently it will be about a 10 hour train ride brining us to a latitude higher then Anchorage, Alaska! Hence also why I have started calling it The Great White North of Sweden, Mr. H always points out that actually there is hundreds of miles above Sundsvall in Sweden but I say I am living there I call whatever the hell I want!

So now that you think I am totally crazy for moving somewhere with about three hours of daylight in winter this is why:

1. Sweden has this points system thing I do not really understand, or I am to lazy to try and understand, and the program in Sundsvall fit perfectly with Mr. H’s points. Ok seriously I do not understand the finer points of it but basically he was accepted in their nursing program which is the whole main point of our move.

2. The school guarantees you housing, yes that is right they will guarantee you have a place to live when school starts. Now if you are starting school at 19, in Sweden that is when you graduate their version of high school, you might night care where you are going to be living but as a married 27 yr old the fact that you will not be homeless is a pretty big deal. Also awesome is that June and July are rent free, electricity is included, and the place is bigger then the one we have now!

3. Us Hemborg’s like a bit of adventure, not the hiking or white water rafting kind the moving to a new place kind, and are excited to see what a city that is new to both of us will bring.

4. The city is bigger then the one we live in now, 50,712 compared to the 23,240 of Angelholm. Well I realize it is not that many people still but Sweden is not a very highly populated country so it will make a difference in amenities and such.

5. Sweden is Sweden is Sweden to me. What many people here do not think about is that one city in Sweden is not that different to another to me since I am not from here. The important thing to me is to be with Mr. H and if that is in Sundvall then lets go for it and if it is in Umeå then so be it!

Now for the serious part for all the good things about our move we will be dressed like the picture above for ummmmm by most counts 70% of the year.

So you know if you like to knit I will be taking donations on hats, scarves, gloves, full on knitted body armor..hehehehe

But honestly I think I am going to be cold a lot coming up!

So what do you think are we crazy or daring?

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6 thoughts on “Sweden’s Great White North

  1. I understand that you are used to a warmer climate, but for us swedes Sundsvall is more like moderate north than far far far far north. :) You’ll be just fine!!

  2. Have fun on your next adventure…it might even bring unexpected treasures. You’ll adjust to the temperature difference. (I never thought I would–but I just spend July in the south of Canada…and was PRAYING for a “hot” arctic day of 15C…(it was 35-40C and humid!)).

    You’ll surprise yourself about how fast you adjust… and remember a girl can NEVER have too many cute hats! (I have at least 15!!!)

  3. Good luck on your new adventure! Sounds like fun. I’ve been to Ängelholm once, for a few hours, but never to Sundsvall. Have a feeling you will be able to make things feel quite homey pretty quickly from the looks of how settled you are in Sweden already!

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