Meals on Monday – Anytime is a Good Time for Breakfast

Now that I know we are moving soon for sure this weeks meals are a bit of trying to use what is in the freezer or ingredients that will be used fast once they are in the house!

Monday – Mini Honey Mustard Meatloaves with Baked Potatoes

Tuesday  –  Homemade Pizzas

Wednesday – Beef and Kidney Bean Chilli

Thursday – Hickory Sausages with Rice Pilaf and Coleslaw

Friday – Italian Dressing Marinated Pork Loin in Chef’s Salad’s

Saturday – Shredded Chicken Taquitos with Refried Beans

Sunday – Kielbasa Hoagies with Grilled Onions and Peppers and Creme Fraiche Cucumber Salad


Whenever I read about people planning breakfast for dinner I imagine sickly sweet pancakes or crepes and my stomach feels ill. Last week however we had some cheese sausages in the fridge and I just could not come up with something to do with them, then I remembered how my grandma would always get them for Christmas brunch and I was inspired.

I baked the sausages then we had them alongside some fried eggs, bacon, and skillet potatoes.

It made for a nostalgic and filling dinner which we will be adding to our rotation!

For the potatoes I tried a different approach where I tried to mimic some amazing potatoes we had in Belgium. While I did not nail it on the head I loved it much more then my normal style!

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      1. Huge coincidence. One of the few things I brought with me from Minnesota to Norway was my set of Desert Rose. Cheers for carrying on traditions!

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