The Hemborg Wife’s Helpful Hints

I thought I would share some things I do around the house that make my life easier, they are in no way groundbreaking Nobel Prize winning ideas mind you just simple things that make me happy around our house.

Ice – If you do not have an ice maker or just one ice cube tray like us get a plastic bowl, I use a small mixing bowl, and when ever you go to get ice dump the tray in the bowl and refill it. You will always have ice on the ready!

Serving Tray – Our kitchen table is across the apartment from the kitchen so to save time we have a large serving tray, pictured above, so now it is just on trip back and forth.

Apron Storage – (This was my moms idea) – I do not have any hooks in my kitchen and did not want to add any holes so my mom took my apron and a magnetic clip and voila instant hanging on the side of my fridge!

Egg cartons – In my room I have a drawer with three egg cartons: one is holding earrings arranged by style in the cups, one has various odds and ends jewelry in the cups, and the last one holds rubber bands on the tall dividing parts. The best one is the rubber bands since they are all stacked making them easy to find and easy to put away.

Nail Polish – I have no storage in the bathroom so my nail polish was a mess in my nightstand. After trying a few things I found that most nail polish, like Sally Hansen and Essie bottles, fit perfect in tea boxes.

It works great because it is easy to carry around the house and you can see the names of the Essie bottles!

Apple Cider Vinegar – I have been using this since high school and not sure where I first heard about it but apple cider vinegar is a great stripper for hair. I do it about once a month and it makes it shiny and more mangable. I fill up a small plastic measuring cup and pour it on my hair in the shower. I suggest doing it on a day you are not going anywhere as the smell can be noticeable!

Any household tips you want to share with me?

3 thoughts on “The Hemborg Wife’s Helpful Hints

  1. Very goood stuff………….I take my water bottles and cut them in half after I drink the water of course !!!! fill up to with in an inch…put in the freezer and make Ice chunks , put in plactic bay and take the meat cleaver an mak crushed ice …works for me…always have ice.

  2. I will DEFINITELY be trying the apple cider vinegar! And I love the organization idea with egg cartons! I am working on a display/storage idea for my nail polish but I don’t think there are enough tea boxes in the world, haha!

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