Snip, Snip, Snip

I have not had my hair professionally cut or dyed since right before our wedding in January of 2011. So that means all pictures you have seen of my on this blog, unless stated they are really old, my hair has been cut and dyed by myself and Mr.H. Neither of us have any professional training and except for one mistake where I cut my bangs on a bit of a slant before Christmas I have been really happy with the results.

I mainly do it this way for these reasons:

Money – Us Hemborg’s are in no way the Rockefeller’s and doing my hair ourselves saves us tons of money throughout the year

Language – Now that we are living in Sweden I have a fear of going in to get my hair done and coming out with it totally whacko due to a case of lost in translation

Personal Preference – While I am a girl totally into doing my makeup and general preening I have never enjoyed the salon experience be it getting my hair done, eyebrows waxed or a manicure. In the instances like our wedding where it seemed important it was done right my mom took the reins and scheduled and took my to all three of those appointment but otherwise I can just do it myself saving so much time and awkward, at least to me, human interaction (hmmmmm that kinda makes me sound like a weirdo hermit which I am not I promise!!!)

On Tuesday I decided it was time to get rid of some dead hair and in about half an hour I went from this:

Ok maybe I should have put on some mascara but you can see how long it was and the top was flat and the bangs lackluster either way!

With some cutting here and there I ended up with this:

It was not the most dramatic cut I have ever done but in summer with all this death humidity I feel it is best to leave it a bit loose so it is easy to put up and keep cool. I did add a more dramatic side bang and thinned it out through the sides and cut a bit to make it more full on the top.

To do this and my last few cuts I use a technique from this youtube video: how to cut layers in your hair

Yes the video seems to be a 13 yr old British girl but either way it works so who am I to question it!

To do bangs like in this picture:

I used this online tutorial: The Vintage Wife Bang Cutting

The only change I did was once I sectioned my hair like she said I did the twisting and cutting technique I have always used to trim bangs.

As far as hair dying goes I prefer dark colors like black, purple, and maroon for my hair which makes it easy as I just section my hair down the middle then once again sideways across my head then divide those four sections into thirds and follow the directions on the box.

Like this:

First off lets just keep this between us that I used this picture of Mr. H as I do not think he would want his head online like this!!! hehehe

Otherwise I have found this way to get the best coverage and if you do the sections in numerical order if you run out of hair dye then it is hair easily covered until you can get more!

So what do you think would you ever cut and dye your own hair?

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10 thoughts on “Snip, Snip, Snip

  1. Love that you cut your own hair… I don’t have the nerve to cut or dye my own hair! I dyed it back to ‘natural’ colours… before coming north. Now I get about a haircut every 6months or so… when I’m in southern Canada!

    Lately, I’ve been growing my hair so I can cut it and donate it to be made into a wig for Cancer patients. I’m close to having enough length I think!

  2. I have so much admiration for you regarding your skills at cutting and dying your hair. The last time I tried that was 15 years ago and the results were several very expensive trips to the salon to get me looking somewhat less neon.

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