Major Book Love

My grandparents are avid readers and have books lined up on shelves and in bookcases all over their house. Now that they are both retired one of their favorite past times is finding used books via libraries, swap meets, charity shops and well just about anywhere a book is being sold I am sure they can find it.

Since the own so many books to make sure they do not get doubles my grandma has these detailed lists she makes in Excel and has one for each her and my grandfather. When she came and visited and we were talking about how few English books the library has that I want to read she said to send her a list and they would do some searching for my books!

So on Friday I opened the door to this giant box!

I could not believe in the short amount of time since I left California, the list and card I sent took ages to get to them, that they had accumulated an amount of books to fill this box!

I also loved that they way I opened the box meant each book was a surprise as I took it out!

Some books were from my list and some I think my grandma thought would be funny like the one right there, My Wicked Vampire, but I will read it either way I am not ashamed!

Also with the books my grandma sent one of her infamous spreadsheets! Unfortunately the rain got to it and then I did too! In my haste of opening the box I cut the paper into a few pieces so I had to tape it together!

Now I am trying to ration out the books but I have already read two of them so we will see how long they last!!

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7 thoughts on “Major Book Love

  1. What an awesome package to get!!!! I wish I read more, I used to when I commuted via bus to NYC daily, but now I have really lost it. And the spreadsheet is so adorable :)

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