Midnight on Friday

So I feel really silly but it is midnight on a Friday night and I am sitting on my couch in a pink polka dotted robe waiting to chat online with my friend. I feel like I am 14 again and stuck talking online with friends since I was not able to spend the night at any ones house!

I also feel like I am breaking the rules since I am being super quiet as to not wake Mr. H!!

In other news but related to this I was thinking it must be nice to live in a two story place so then one person can be upstairs sleeping and the other downstairs watching TV or whatever and not be worrying about being loud!

Proof of me in the polka dots!

Well hope you have a totally summery weekend and let me know what you do when you are up at night all alone!

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One thought on “Midnight on Friday

  1. well I am moved in to my new place I got up at 2AM tues and got dressed and went to our all new super center wall Mart that was built while I was away, there I had the place to myself with one other woman who was shopping …as humans we seem to beable to find each other in the early AM and have to have the same thing off the shelf…hummmm,I wonder if there is really a thing as being alone?so we chated for few and went on our way….
    we are never alone oxoxoxoxoxo you are wonderful

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