The Question Series – Number 1 – Food In Sweden

Welcome to the first post in the What Do You Want To Know question series!

The first question comes from my second oldest friend, and I mean that in two ways as she is literally in age my second oldest friend and in the sense of how many years we have been friends. Which now thinking about it is around 15 years and makes me want to cry since it seems just like yesterday we were driving around in her car listening to The Strokes as carefree teenagers but that is just life huh!?

Anyways back to the topic on hand, her question was:

“one food that you were skeptical about before moving to Sweden, but now like”

Before I moved to Sweden this past June I had spent what added up to around four months here and I had encountered the infamous Smörgåstårta.

It is essentially a cake sandwich, the “cake” part is white bread and the filling can be things like tuna salad or just plain mayonnaise  then the “frosting” varies with things like lunch meat, cheese, smoked salmon, vegetables and fruit. As you can see on this one we ate for my sister in laws confirmation in 2009 is covered in ham, orange slices, cucumber, tomato, and a mayonnaise based salad on top of the white bread layers.

Served at most large family events I was initially not at all into the Smörgåstårta, but then a curious thing happened at the last baptism we attended I knew that was what would be served and I actually enjoyed it and went back for seconds.

The one they had ordered was really good and not overly mayonnaise’d which helped but I guess after four or five family events where it has been served my palate has come to expect and want it!

(Side view)

What do you think are you up for eating a sandwich cake?

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