Challenge Me and I will Own It

Lately I have not been much of a store shopper, I look at clothes online all the time and occasionally order from Forever 21 (they have great European shipping) but when my mom and grandma were here they wanted to shop. The thing was though they were in full on ready to spend vacation mode which made me want to buy too! I got lucky though in that my grams wanted to spoil me a bit so I was able to get new shoes I would never buy otherwise!

WERA Stockholm

I only tried them on because I picked them up and said they were cute but out of my price range and Mr. H responded that it did not matter since they would not suit me anyways. Well that only made me need to prove to him how good they actually would look on me and once they were on he said he loved them and was insisting on buying them. Since I am the more practical one I kept saying no that they were more then a weeks of groceries so there was no way in hell I was getting them, plus I said where would I wear them. My mom and grams were listening to all this and they were on Mr. H’s side too so finally my grams took them out of my hand and bought them! I also made a deal with Mr. H that when we are in Manchester in June that we can go to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant there and take a taxi so I can wear them without messing them up!

I think that to go with them I am going to order this dress soon since it will look in summer and winter with tights!

Forever 21

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