Fun Facts Friday – 5 Random Pictures From iPhoto

Today I wanted to blog but could not come up of enough of any one subject for a post and then I remembered how Kelly did a post with pictures picked via on her anniversary a few days ago. So I decided I would do something similar except with all 4289 pictures I currently have in iPhoto, I will post the picture then give it some background.

It should be noted I very rarely delete pictures once they are uploaded on the computer so some might be blurry or just plain old ugly!

Ok so this picture is kinda creepy, I took it for the October Photography Challenge day where it was eyes. I am just glad my eyebrows were actually plucked good that day!

This is the first picture of Mr. H and I together from September 2008. We look so young here and it is rather unfortunate that Mr. H chose to stick his tongue out to be forever remembered!

This is from our trip to Brussels. I wish I could tell you what building that is but I have no clue!

Also from the October Photography Challenge I cannot wait to display my Halloween Pez dispensers again this fall!

Lastly is me in Venice is July of 08, why I am wearing a leopard top with a pirate belt I am not really sure but I guess it matches my crazy hair!

Hope you liked this peak into my photo files, it was fun looking back on some of the old ones!

Have a splendid weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Fun Facts Friday – 5 Random Pictures From iPhoto

  1. I heart your Pez dispenser! Super cute! As is the pic of you and Mr. H–even with his tongue sticking out. Lol! It just seems so relaxed and just awesome!

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