March Photo Challenge – Updating Thee Old Tumblr – And Party Questions

Hej Hej – That is the informal way of saying hello in Sweden, it is pronounced like hey and you kinda extend the second one.

- Today I was reading These Little Moments, which I totally love since Molly has such a great sense of humor, and saw she was participating in a March Photo Challenge. The challenge is being hosted by fat mum slim whose blog I am new too but anyone can join so I am going to do it and post the photos on my Tumblr. I was getting bored of taking pictures of myself, especially since it has been cold and I need a hair cut so I am taking a break and doing this. I loved the one I did back in October and am excited to start on this one which will hopefully include some outside pictures as the weather warms up.

-Anyways are you super excited for it being Thursday since Friday is so close? I know as a housewife it would seem that it would not really matter but this Friday we are having a party and I am so excited. And that is what I have a question about since I honestly think party is not the right word. Only four people are coming over but we are going to be drinking and they are not coming till around 7:30 so it seems like a party but shouldn’t a party be more then a total of 6 people? I have been trying to come up with different words and none seem right either but we are having people over and once again I am really excited. We were even really dorky and made a playlist on Spotify for it and I am insisting we have snacks. I told Mr. H that if you invite people over and you are our age you must provide some sort of food or it is rude, he thought this was funny and that I was just concerned I would get hungry when I was drunk and be sad I nothing to eat! Seriously though you agree right that food is mandatory, so we have compromised with chips, pretzels and dip.

Check out my March Photos here – and let me know if you are doing it too so I can see your photos!

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