#WEverb11 – Breath – Day Fourteen

For now I am skipping day thirteen, I was sick due to some pad thai and while I actually think I have a good answer I could not formulate it yesterday. I might come back to it but for now I am going to answer about Breathing then make some Shepards Pie with my hubby.

Today the #WEverb11 prompt is:

How did you make space + peace for yourself in 2011?

I am a person that needs a lot of alone time, I was an only child till I was 14 and I am just used to being alone. Heck I even backpacked through Europe alone so when I say I need alone time I am not joking. The thing was in California I worked full time and Mr. H went to school during the day and since he was not from there and could not drive whenever I was home so was he. While I love to be around my husband, ummm obvious since I married him huh, it was hard for me to “be on” all the time. He on the other hand may need only about an hour a week of doing some activity on his own to be happy which made it was hard for him to alone so much.

Now that we are settled into our apartment in Sweden and Mr. H into his job we are both getting the balance we need. I am home most day for at least four hours alone and I relish in it. I do chores, which I can tell each day I turn a little more into my mother, where I get such a feeling of accomplishment. I blog and read others blog which makes me feel connected to women all over the world. I read books which keeps my brain active and my English in good working order. I pamper myself with tea and toast and paint my nails.

In essence I am being able to take care of myself while my husband takes care of the larger picture items like making money and I have never been happier. My husband understands my needs so well and after being so burnt out on supporting us in California having this rest time is amazing.


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2 thoughts on “#WEverb11 – Breath – Day Fourteen

  1. My husband and I have a similar situation. I always like to be with him and hang out all the time and he likes to have alone time. There are times I come home from work and he is watching a movie on his computer with his headphones on. I sometimes get a little annoyed, but then try to realize that we are just different and that I should just enjoy my alone time too! :-)

    • It is really hard to find a balance but one thing that has helped us is if we both sit on the couch and read or one of us read while the other is on the computer. Then we are alone but together and both are very happy with it.

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