#WEverb11 – Favorites – Day Seven (I did them opposite)

Today the #WEverb11 prompt is:

What was your favorite month of 2011? Why did it beat out all 11 other months?

Ok so that was yesterdays post for most people but lets just say here in Sweden is opposite day and be happy!!

Since we were married last year it is coming up as a theme in my #WEverb11 post which I am really happy with since I feel now that is is about a month away from our one year anniversary I can look back and appreciate how wonderful it was and how great the first year of marriage has been for me.

With that lead up January was by favorite month as it was our wedding month and our honeymoon and it is really hard to top a month when your friends and family came from all over to celebrate and then you get to go on a trip where you totally splurge since you will only have one honeymoon! (and holy run on sentence!!)

I have to say though October holds a second place as we moved into our apartment and it gave us a great sense of stability to have our own home in Sweden.

For next year it looks like January is once again going to be awesome  as is June since they will be travel months!

Us enjoying our honeymoon!

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One thought on “#WEverb11 – Favorites – Day Seven (I did them opposite)

  1. I have no idea what month was my best this year…at my age everyday is a miracle, I wake up and know today is the begining of the rest of mylife. I had the joy you are having now in your life and as time moves there are new kinds of joy and happiness…It is different for everyone ,we have choices and most are the direct results of them…you and Mr H are makiing wonderful choices and I see lots of happy all around you . I have different kinds of joy today than I have had in the past. When I wake up tomorrow I will be headed to AZ. for a new life and new joys and happys ….oxoxoxoxx I love your thoughts and thanks for sharing you are wonderful. Sorry I missed sharing some of most joyful times ,I think I am having a great time with you now , agin thanks for being you oxooxxox Great Aunt Charlene.

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