#WEverb11 – Day Four – Plus Sunday Sound Off

The #WEverb11 prompt for today is to do a Haiku. When I read that my first reaction was that I would skip it, it sounded hard and gave me flashbacks to Junior Year English which I barely passed, then I pulled up my big girl panties and gave it a shot.

Here it is and if you laugh at least I will not know!

Celebrating Love

A Giant Move Far Away

Finding Home With Him


Now for the Sunday Sound Off, I wanted to recap my posting schedule for November and see what I wanted to keep or move around or abandon like a deflated balloon.

I like doing the Sunday Sound Offs since I can wrap up thoughts and they can cover a whole variety of things, I might keep them on Sunday’s or move the concept around as I feel I need them.

Meals on Monday I absolutely love doing, it forces me to photograph and document our meals which I find so interesting to look back on and I love sharing food ideas and recipes. I am going to keep them on Monday’s as it is a nice way to start the week I think.

Book Review Tuesday I found to be very mentally challenging to write which is nice since I am not working or in school now. Also living in a country where I do not know the language and speak to very few native English speakers I run the risk of losing my broader vocabulary as I normally need to simplify what I am saying to be understood. I do not think I am going to do one necessarily every Tuesday but as I read books I love I will review them.

Expat Wednesday I find to be cathartic to put down in words all the emotions or just day to day things I am experiencing living in Sweden. They are also one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place as when we were preparing to move I wanted to read first hand information on what the move would be like and I think in general people find life in other places fascinating.

Ol Thursdays are for sure staying as my husband and I love beer and I find it really fun to write about and do the research on cost and comparing to common US beers.

Wish I Was There Friday is being ditched big time, I thought it would be fun to research new places but I could never really work myself up for it. For now I might post about places I find for our trip in January to Brussels and then who knows!

Which leaves us with Snapshot Saturday which is also staying as it encourages me to get the camera out and as I have taken around 300 pictures in November I think it works!

Let me know your thoughts as I am always open to some guidance and if there is something you happen to do and blog that you think I might like!

9 thoughts on “#WEverb11 – Day Four – Plus Sunday Sound Off

  1. Expat Wednesday! I can’t believe that, as a fellow expat and reverber, I have missed this!

    Finding home with him, in your haiku, sounds tender and filled with comfort and loveliness. May it continue in 2012…

  2. No laughing here! Your haiku is perfect — I wanted to skip it also. I hate constraints :)
    Thanks for recapping your posting schedule, too. Once I’m done with recapping the wedding, I’d love to get into a regular grind of some sort and I think the meal and snapshot ideas are fabulous. Looking forward to reading more of you!

  3. I love your haiku and the different themed posts you have for the days of the week. I can’t wait to come back for each one, now that I’ve found your blog through #WEverb11.

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